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For a long time, shogi has been largely unknown outside of Japan. While there have been some attempts at bringing the game to the West, its popularity has only recently seen a resurgence. In the age of the Internet, more and more people are able to learn and play shogi. Unfortunately, its libraries have yet to reach other shores. With many books and articles untranslated, foreigners interested in the game have to put in quite an effort to learn much beyond the rules of the game.

But shogi has its history of players and trends, a history of masters trying to uncover the mysteries of the board, and it would be a shame to keep these brilliant discoveries locked behind a language barrier. Slowly but surely, pieces of these centuries of knowledge have been made available online, but many tales of shogi remain untranslated.

This wiki may be a start, but it is also a continuation. The start of a new project continues the efforts made by various people in the early years of the World Wide Web. Many people have made contributions to shogi popularization in the West and this site is another chapter in this effort. Where once we could only dream of having even basic information, we can now catch up to the strategies and stories of the present day.

This wiki is the collaborative effort of people who are enthusiastic about shogi, and we hope that many others can finally set anchor here, and find something to admire in the great tapestry of the game.

The Shogi Harbour wiki is an encyclopedic collection of shogi content and while there will be content for every most levels of proficiency the focus is on gameplay concepts and strategies and the professional shogi scene. Pages are updated to the best of what information we can gather, in the case of strategies and analysis this might mean the theory as stated on the page might not agree with current opinion. The corpora of sample games will include games outside professional games, e.g. online shogi servers.

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